Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Visit

Hmm didn't we tell this year we got ourselves in nice list, Santa was very pleased and decided to show up.

It was fun to spend time with him and take some nice photos he was accompanied with Mrs.Santa who didn't leave a moment to pamper us. We took tons of snaps and we also wore our sweet Christmas dress.

They both promised since we were in nice list we will get nice goodies when we ask for it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heavenly bed at westin river walk

We made our visit to San Antonio..finally for a change away from home!!!

The river view from Westin was awesome... Deepa periamma showed us bling bling from the window which was amazing...then we had a chance to lye down in heavenly bed it was sooooooo comfy and soft..

Anyways we were allowed to enjoy the bed just for couple of hours and later we made to sleep in our blanket... as Ammama said it is safer that way for us,

We stayed pretty much in the hotel and enjoyed game time with Dad watching football... Texas vs Kansas,, and our Texas won heehaa!!!!

while back home we made sure dad stops in between so that we can have our sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet potatoes...

Awaiting for more trips like these!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yummy food finally

And the day finally arrived when our folks realized we can take yummy stuff they call Solids, Wonder what made them wait for so long.

It was a occasions they celebrated by taking us to temple. Deepa periamma and Satya periamma along with Matvie came to celebrate the occasion

It was fun.. to play with Matvie.. Satya periamma gave some nice tips and taught some nice rhymes to Mum so she can follow to keep us happy..

We got tons of goodies and pamper from Deepa Periamma. she is fun... she gave us nice heavenly massage everyday.. she played with us and it was a very nice change for us...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deepa Perimma

Deepa Perimma came all the way from India to Visit just us.. that is sooo sweet of her.. Our family makes us relaize we are sooooo important for them. Periappa, Akil anna and Bala anna wanted to join as well but couldnt join because of their school and stuff.

It is fun to have Periamma around who keeps pampering us and does everything we ask her to.
wish she can stay with us forever

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Two three and Zip it...

This is Mahithi... My folks just don't get it !!! Im on diet.. hmm should say pretty good one..sucking my fingers which will not only quench my hunger but also keep in all slim..

They keep forcing me to take my food should say it is annoying.. (psst...can;t wait to start talking and then I can given them my piece of mind.. )

Sometimes I just forced to eat against my will..

Tried various avenues and then realized if I just zip my mouth very tight... there is no way anything can go inside without my approval :))

ha ha it is soooooo fun to see them loose battle with me... except for my Dad, Thinking of a way to win against him. I am sure I will find a way out..

Will write more in my next blog.. how the battle is going...


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween here we come

Bumble bee & Pumpkin

This is Mahi.. I was the bumble bee princess....... "I look like princess" , that were comments from our friends and family..... I should say it is lucky to be looking good anything and everything I wear.. :)))) , less shopping time for mom and dad...

This is Joey... I was pumkin .. wearing mum's favorite orange.. I would have wanted a a warrior lion costume, But since mum insisted to wear her orange, I gave it a shot... Hmmm.. I got tons of candies.... wondering how much more I would have got if I was wearing the lion ?!!!!....

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Our first diwali was amazing… ammama made sweets … well we just enjoyed the sweet by seeing it… will ask her to make this again next year as we will be able to eat by then

We wore our traditional attire… it was good.. little uncomfortable .. but it was ok..

After hours of photo sessions we were allowed to get back to our night Halo gowns..

I have heard Diwali means tons of crackers.. we didn’t see our parents bursting any.. We will make sure we burst on next Diwali.. as we now know what are our options and how to deal with our folks to get our stuff taken care of ..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Get Set FLIP!!!!!!

The day finally came when we FLIPPED..

We actually flipped.. was’nt that fun…days of perseverance finally paid of!!!

It was tough we kept trying and didn’t give up until we finally figured out

Now our caretakers are scared to leave us alone even for a second as they know we are MOBILEEEEEEEE and can go where we want he heeeee

Can’t wait for fun the to start ….

Friday, October 2, 2009

What a drag

September just breezed through and we are nearing 4 months!!! amazing isn't it. Thought we are all set to see the world but darn the flu fear has swept inside my parents .. as a result we are on house arrest... we were pretty annoyed but took it on our stride by doing other stuff to keep us occupied to name some.. we are talking and we know how to ask our folks to hold us, we are pretty close to rolling over..we are still working on it to get perfect we use our beautiful smile to get folks do our job... hmm but it didn;t help to convince them to take us out.

We love our tummy time and keep grandma grandpa busy and occupied with lots of stuff
we enjoyed our bath tub .. and did some tubing there.. hope fully by our next blog we will have some fun stuff to share

untill then chow!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road Trip - Houston

The much awaited day came when we were taken to Houston for overnight stay.
The drive was for 3 hours.. it was pleasant and enjoyable to see the scenery outside. We didn't we cry.. we stayed overnight at our friends place-- Sukriti and Akshitha...

Unfortunately we couldn't meet them as they were still not back from their India trip. Anyways we had fun with Pitlam uncle.

We were taken for a ride around Hilcroft avenue...and then meenakshi temple. In the temple we worshiped and just hanged out around the premises to take snaps.

The trip overall was fun and Mum/Dad/Ammama handled us well when we needed a diaper change and hungry :)

Will post the trip snaps soon..


Friday, September 4, 2009

Niece from Boston

Hmm it is late then never right...we were waiting for our niece Nikki right from the time we were born.(heee we already have a niece isn't that cool)Nikki

. she came alas... we were kinda mad at her but when she explained she couldn't come any earlier as Archie akka and periamma took her for shaving her head in India. so we forgave her and had a wonderful time.. She also gave us tips on how to avoid the shaving head ceremony hee hee

periamma, akka and nikki spent time with us for couple of days and left. It was boring without Nikki for couple of days but we got used to it .Akka and mum promised that they will organize play dates for us and Nikki.

We look forward to it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The award for the best feeder goes to...

Hey this is Mahithi.. since Jovan wrote a blog by himself thought I will write one by my own as well. I'm very picky on what is fed and how I'm fed...
ammama, appa, mum and dad keep trying to feed me in different ways; but most of the time they end up annoying me and yes I make lots of fuss; after all why shouldn't it is my tummy I can't just take anything and anyways just because they want to turn me into a ball..

It reached a point where all 4 had a competition to figure out who can feed me well while keeping me happy...
... and winner was....believe me or not it was Daddy.

Dad spends less time (less than what I would like ) but he seems to know how to feed me well.

I guess this is what is meant by spending quality time.. anyways I hope dad realizes I need him to spend more time with me.. so I can play with him as well


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Mystery day August 24

The mystery day finally arrived about which mum & dad were talking for a while..,
in the morning we got ready and were getting more hugs and cuddle than usual. From the way we were getting ready we understood it was another doc visit.

At doc place; our doctor did the usual checkup and left the room. We were hoping mum will dress us up and start home but NOOOOooooooooooooo
Thats when we realized something bad is waiting for us, our fear turned reality when our nurse entered with three needles for each one of us.

First she started by giving awefull yucky drops followed by painful three shots.

Boy oh boy it was tearful...even binky was of no help to withstand the pain; the only thing which helped was cuddle from mum , dad , appa and ammama.

Mum cuddled us and promised from tomorrow onwards she will slowly start taking us out...and yes the pain will wear-off

Looking forward to going out..........

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My visit to doc

Hey this is Jovan, Thought will write a blog without Mahithi.

So mum took me for a doc appointment to ask if olive oil is good for my skin ( huh!!! wonder why she gets these questions... keeping expert like ammama beside her...)

I was pretty annoyed with mum for taking to doc unnecessarily until I saw the doc. she was new not the one I saw during my first visit... She was nice; we had a nice chat...she spoke to me the whole time while clarifying mum's silly doubts now and then

So should say even though the trip to doc office was not required it was worth it as
It was nice for a change to converse with people other than ammama, appa, mum and dad.

I hope my parents understands I'm an extrovert and takes me out often so I can make lots of friends!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our first stroll outside our nest

The most awaited day finally came ---going for stroll outside our nest to see the greenery spread around and enjoy the blue sky.

Mum took us for a stroll, kept yapping about how nice it is outside and how she is waiting for August 24th so that she can start taking us outside our yard.

Hmm we didn't quite understand what is special about August 24th.

Also didn't understand what she meant by "Outside yard" until few minutes when we realized she was taking us for a stroll in our deck seeing the same set of scenery again again n again :(

Makes us wonder now if the deck stroll itself is so fascinating what else is in store for us when she actually takes us out!!!

Still trying to find out what is special about August 24!!!

Will keep you posted!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aayee is the word for the month of August!!!

As you all know we are having tons of fun with ammama and appa. We make sure ammama appa takes care of all our needs and yes do not slack in teaching our mom everything there is to know to take care of us well!!!

Amma, appa, mummy and daddy do address to our need as soon as we give a shout but we realized accidentally that if we shout "Aayeee" the response from them is much faster.

So when we need these 4 caretakers iimmediatly we yell Aayee and within fraction of seconds we see them come running to take care us

SWEETTTTTTTT isn't it!!! these four think they have figured us all... but don't know we are far smarter than them and can make them dance to our tunes he he heee!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

We hate you mom,love you dad

For past couple of days our nose was getting stuffy during nights. Mom; instead of helping us was giving saline drops into our nose and used the evil aspirator to suck the mucous out of our nose. It was awful and we hate her for doing this to us :(.
We love Daddy who rescued us from mommy by holding us upright and put us in our crib to sleep once the nose was cleared.

Daddy is the best.

Wait!!! We do hate dad for spending more time with computer than us; and we love mommy for being with us always..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bath time...

We can't thank ammama appa enough for helping our mum reach her first milestone on learning how to give us bath and help us wear our onies.

Yeah when mum gives us bath it is not as soothing as ammama but she is getting there!!!We wish mum all the best to learn the rest of the stuff from ammama to take care of us well :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First milestone- One Month Old

Today we are a month old. Mum & Dad feels this is our first milestone as now we can go out besides doc office.
To celebrate the occasion Mum Dad ammama and appa decided to take us for a one hour long ride to Temple Texas to visit Temple in our armor cage.

Trip was fun listening to songs we like, Temple was very nice and poise. It was a nice change to see a new place beside home and doc office.

We look forward to rides like these except just wish we didn't have to be in the armor cage.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Glad to see you...

We are 4 weeks and have been exciting so far.
We have so many friends and relatives who are sooooo nice to us

Our first visitors were Betty Aunt and Kim. We also met Sreeja Aunt, Shaila Aunt, Senthil Uncle, Thirumagal Aunt, Guru, Nithya, Bala Kumar Uncle, Satish Uncle, Deepa Aunty & Abiram, Dad's Volleyball & Poker friends Raj, Barath, Deepak, Srinath, Pat, Ravi uncles.(awaiting to join the club soon :))

Can't wait to grow up and spend more time with them.

We also keep in touch with Ayama, Ayappa, Periama'a and Cousins through calls
Can't wait to meet rest of our friends...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our scheduled 2nd Week meeting with Doc.

We went to visit our doctor again...We didn't like this time as we were pricked, Thanks to our binkies else we would have brought down the clinic by crying our lungs out he heee

Our Doc promised us he wouldn't disturb us for next two month and we believe him...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Alone!!!

As usual Dad Left to office in the morning and then mom suddenly decided to take ride out leaving us ALONE with our Grand Ma Grand Pa... This gave us time to enjoy time with them without mum's interventions to get us on her schedule to do list for us.

We had a gala time but want to tell a secret which we wanna hide from mom...Even though mom thinks we didn't miss her we in fact did !!! amidst all the attentions and pamper bestowed on us by our grand parents... Just wanna keep this a secret from her so that she loosens up a bit and does stuff to make us happy he heee heee

Monday, June 29, 2009

Meeting with our Doctor...

We are 1 week old. We met our pediatrician today.. He was very good to us, so we decided not to cry.. Saw a candy jar, but we took a rain check as in return they wanted our binkies.

Grandpa took some pics will try to post them soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ride to our home on a hot texas day...

We reached home. Ride back home was fun with Mom/dad/Grandma/Grandpa, except for the armor car seats, we will need to get used to it..

Home is cool and comforting than the hospital, we love our crib which is much bigger than what we had in the hospital..

Today we also spoke to our other grandma & grandpa on the other side of the globe.

we will soon start traveling with our folks to fun places which is in our to do list.

Monday, June 22, 2009

From Kids of Mahen & Preethi


Today we Mahithi & Jovan are happy to announce our arrival into lives of our parents Mahen & Preethi !!!

Mommy & daddy are fine. Currently grandpa and grandma are keeping them busy by making them undergo boot camp to take care of us well !!!

Until we meet check our videos

1. Mahithi & Jovan

2. Mahithi

3. Jovan

See you soon

Mahithi Mahen Nadar
Jovan Mahen Nadar