Monday, August 24, 2009

The Mystery day August 24

The mystery day finally arrived about which mum & dad were talking for a while..,
in the morning we got ready and were getting more hugs and cuddle than usual. From the way we were getting ready we understood it was another doc visit.

At doc place; our doctor did the usual checkup and left the room. We were hoping mum will dress us up and start home but NOOOOooooooooooooo
Thats when we realized something bad is waiting for us, our fear turned reality when our nurse entered with three needles for each one of us.

First she started by giving awefull yucky drops followed by painful three shots.

Boy oh boy it was tearful...even binky was of no help to withstand the pain; the only thing which helped was cuddle from mum , dad , appa and ammama.

Mum cuddled us and promised from tomorrow onwards she will slowly start taking us out...and yes the pain will wear-off

Looking forward to going out..........

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My visit to doc

Hey this is Jovan, Thought will write a blog without Mahithi.

So mum took me for a doc appointment to ask if olive oil is good for my skin ( huh!!! wonder why she gets these questions... keeping expert like ammama beside her...)

I was pretty annoyed with mum for taking to doc unnecessarily until I saw the doc. she was new not the one I saw during my first visit... She was nice; we had a nice chat...she spoke to me the whole time while clarifying mum's silly doubts now and then

So should say even though the trip to doc office was not required it was worth it as
It was nice for a change to converse with people other than ammama, appa, mum and dad.

I hope my parents understands I'm an extrovert and takes me out often so I can make lots of friends!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our first stroll outside our nest

The most awaited day finally came ---going for stroll outside our nest to see the greenery spread around and enjoy the blue sky.

Mum took us for a stroll, kept yapping about how nice it is outside and how she is waiting for August 24th so that she can start taking us outside our yard.

Hmm we didn't quite understand what is special about August 24th.

Also didn't understand what she meant by "Outside yard" until few minutes when we realized she was taking us for a stroll in our deck seeing the same set of scenery again again n again :(

Makes us wonder now if the deck stroll itself is so fascinating what else is in store for us when she actually takes us out!!!

Still trying to find out what is special about August 24!!!

Will keep you posted!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aayee is the word for the month of August!!!

As you all know we are having tons of fun with ammama and appa. We make sure ammama appa takes care of all our needs and yes do not slack in teaching our mom everything there is to know to take care of us well!!!

Amma, appa, mummy and daddy do address to our need as soon as we give a shout but we realized accidentally that if we shout "Aayeee" the response from them is much faster.

So when we need these 4 caretakers iimmediatly we yell Aayee and within fraction of seconds we see them come running to take care us

SWEETTTTTTTT isn't it!!! these four think they have figured us all... but don't know we are far smarter than them and can make them dance to our tunes he he heee!!!!