Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who are digital Natives???

.. Duh We are!!!.. So Mum Dad have this TV which changes its color tone and music from press of the button on gadget called remote sitting right in his hand.
We have been watching them using it from the time we were born. We have trained them to change the channels we like to watch… no complains there… but we wanted to do that by ourselves.. When we realized they wouldn't part with it…We came with a game plan.

So I (Jovan) changed the remote code which disabled it and became useless. Dad, mum, ammama, appa tried fixing it but in vain.. they kind of started forgetting about it.. So I(Mahi) took this opportunity to take in charge,,, First I enabled the remote and started controlling it. It was fun.. we both took turns to play with it.. the fun didn’t last long until mom discovered we fixed the remote. She gave us a happy hug and took back the remote.
She kept asking how we did it.. we didn't say much except let her enjoy remote and tell her that things which takes a whiles for digital immigrants like her and Dad are piece of cake for digital natives like us. Learn from us...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working on a Puja Bill.. Need your support

This is Mahi. We went to Temple for a looooooooooooooooooong puja.. god looked pretty and I loved the devotional song as I was able to sing along with them.
Then my eye caught on fruit offered to god. it was just delicious. everyone said I had to wait till the ceremony gets over. I couldn't wait so I just went right ahead and took one with gods permission .
It was yummy.. I guess the puja ceremony agenda should change.. with fruits should be offered to nice girls like me so that we can have the energy to go through the ceremony , sing and dance; Currently working on a bill on the same. Hopefully it will get passed soon.


Monday, September 27, 2010

FUN around the corner - Brushy creek Hairyman Festival

We went to hairy festival with our folks it was fun. Dad took us for a train ride in train. We saw how the fuel was filled in the train. It was fun.

while on train ride we danced for the song sung by local talent. We are planning to have our own concert pretty soon.

then Appa found petting Zoo. he took us there and wanted us to pet pigggy, quack quack ducky; but mommy daddy stopped us from touching the, We were pretty mad at our primitive parents who are such a spoil sport.

But later Ammama explained we have to get bigger to touch this animals else there are chances we might get sick.. which is not good as we wouldn't able to play.

We completed our trip after getting a cartoon drawn for us. We will be posting our cartoon us. Should say we look pretty cool