Monday, July 20, 2009

Glad to see you...

We are 4 weeks and have been exciting so far.
We have so many friends and relatives who are sooooo nice to us

Our first visitors were Betty Aunt and Kim. We also met Sreeja Aunt, Shaila Aunt, Senthil Uncle, Thirumagal Aunt, Guru, Nithya, Bala Kumar Uncle, Satish Uncle, Deepa Aunty & Abiram, Dad's Volleyball & Poker friends Raj, Barath, Deepak, Srinath, Pat, Ravi uncles.(awaiting to join the club soon :))

Can't wait to grow up and spend more time with them.

We also keep in touch with Ayama, Ayappa, Periama'a and Cousins through calls
Can't wait to meet rest of our friends...

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