Saturday, May 26, 2012

Visit to Dallas and Turner Falls

We visited Dallas again. This time our Friend Santosh, Sanjay , Malar joined us. We stayed in a hotel and had fun running around the hotel and playing.

We then drew to Oklohoma to see Turner falls and play in the water.

Our parents this time became a spoil sport by not letting us play in the water; but promised that we will play in the pook in hotel. We were not very sure they will keep up their promise as they seemed tired when we returned from falls.

To our surprise they were re-energized and took us to the hotel pool.

Boy oh Boy it was fun and and had lots of swiming moments. We remembered the dolpihin we saw in Sea world and wished to be in our pool !!!

Our parents had one more surprise waiting for us.... They asked us to say bye to Santosh Sanjay. We thought the vacation is over and time to go home.. but we were wrong we stopped at Sanvi and Swecha's home

We had fun playing with them

then time came again when we had to say bye to our friends and drive back to our sweet home.
It was fun.. looking forward to more vacations