Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My visit to doc

Hey this is Jovan, Thought will write a blog without Mahithi.

So mum took me for a doc appointment to ask if olive oil is good for my skin ( huh!!! wonder why she gets these questions... keeping expert like ammama beside her...)

I was pretty annoyed with mum for taking to doc unnecessarily until I saw the doc. she was new not the one I saw during my first visit... She was nice; we had a nice chat...she spoke to me the whole time while clarifying mum's silly doubts now and then

So should say even though the trip to doc office was not required it was worth it as
It was nice for a change to converse with people other than ammama, appa, mum and dad.

I hope my parents understands I'm an extrovert and takes me out often so I can make lots of friends!!!


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