Saturday, April 30, 2011

Periamma to our rescue.

Once we reached Austin after colorful vacation in India our parents decided to send us to playschool so we don't get bored.

The playschool was fun but we were missing family in India. Mom & dad were doing great with us but still wanted just one more person from India with whom we can share our experiences which our parents can't understand. We were talking to parents and sis of our parents but still were longing to have them here in person than in phone.

As the days passed by one day Dad said “come let’s go for a long drive.” We just went along with the idea as it was getting boring anyways. All through the drive mom & dad kept telling wait for the surprise.

Lo - behold once the car stopped we SAW Sudha PERRRIAAMMMA. WE immediately went hugged and kissed her. She was happy to see us as well.

It was then we realized our folks are fine I guess as they do get it what we look for.

It was fun to have Perriamma around. She is such a niceeeeeeee listener. She takes care of us, plays with us and above just sends a nice vibe of security and enforcement that even though the folks are thousands and thousands of miles away we can see them whenever we desire.