Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The award for the best feeder goes to...

Hey this is Mahithi.. since Jovan wrote a blog by himself thought I will write one by my own as well. I'm very picky on what is fed and how I'm fed...
ammama, appa, mum and dad keep trying to feed me in different ways; but most of the time they end up annoying me and yes I make lots of fuss; after all why shouldn't it is my tummy I can't just take anything and anyways just because they want to turn me into a ball..

It reached a point where all 4 had a competition to figure out who can feed me well while keeping me happy...
... and winner was....believe me or not it was Daddy.

Dad spends less time (less than what I would like ) but he seems to know how to feed me well.

I guess this is what is meant by spending quality time.. anyways I hope dad realizes I need him to spend more time with me.. so I can play with him as well


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