Saturday, June 24, 2017

Post Birthday Bash

On June 24 we called all our friends and threw a big party. This year being our 8th was little different
we both had a different birthday party

Mahithi - I threw a pricesses party. Jovan and his friends were not invited

Jovan - I threw a boys party at park and Pizza. Mahithi and her friends were not invited

here are some pics from the party

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Surprise Birthday Bash

This is Mahithi and Jovan's Mum.. wanted to surprise them with a surprise birthday party when they wake up.

I want to say... you both are very precious to me and I'm soo proud of everything you achieved; but above all I love the fact that you are caring and loving for your friends, community and the your family.

You just turned 8. but already you both are into,,, sports, arts, dance, community service, love for learning.. and the list goes on .. i can't wait to see exiting thing waiting your way as you welcome ur 8th year.

I bless and pray for both of my a very very long, healthy, happy and cheerful life..

as your mum .. I promise I will do everything within my capability to do everything to make ur dream come true.

love u both..

I know  this year .. you both planned your birthday.. but I wanted to throw u a surprise party.. .. 

for surprise.. birthday bash.. I have a special .. cake.. to symbolize your uniqueness .. 
 and ,,yess decorations.. and your.. favorittt..
 .. presents.....

Monday, June 12, 2017

Lassss Vegassss

Yeah.. we have to yet go to orlando to see disney.. but until we do that .. we decided to visit vegas.. hey who says vegas is any less than orlando for kiddos like us.

this was a short 3 days trip with loads of fun..

will describe our trip through these pics

heading to Death Valley.. ya ya.. u might wonder being in texas.. why would we be excited to go to more hot place.. hey we lot hot weather.,,

 this is one milestone within death valley
 after the trip .. we were waiting for dad to check us in to mandlay bay

we are in strip.. little tired so sitting on a hand............

 boy .. it was lots of walking.. so we made dad carry.. have to say .. good job for keeping himself healthy to carry us..
 couldnt stop ourselves from posing at hersheys...
 hoo some snaps near Aria...

 did we forget.. we went for limo ride.. it was fun.

 after a long day.. we enjoyed our dinner.. served at our hotel room....was nice.. to enjoy food while watching the bling bling of the vegas
 then yes.. mandlay bay .. fun.. at the water...

 love this place.. they have what i joey love.. the chesss...
 final day at the vegas...
 ...last stop.. history .. museum

we did ton more stuff.. but dont want to share.. as they say.. what happens in vegas stays in vegass.

awaiting for next awesome trip