Saturday, March 23, 2013

Off to stage Performance

Since we enjoyed being in the spotlight last year we decided to perform again at GAMA ( Greater Austin Malayalee Association ) with our Friend Devika, Pallavi, Chinmayee, chaitanya and one of their friend. It was fun. It was choreographed by our Friends mum Mamatha aunty. Mamtha Aunty was awesome . The practice sessions were our time to enjoy with our friends. On the day of performance as usual we dazzled and rocked the stage. Looking forward to our next performance.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dino Park

Austin Texas has everything you can ask for. As we were learning about Dino and wondering if we could some how see it. The we had a chat with our Friend Aman . As soon as he realized our interest in Dino he planned for a trip to Dino Park. Even though we couldn't see the real Dino we did see their statues as we like to call .. it was life size .. very BIGGGG bigger than our mum dad. It was great to go with Aman as he seem to know lot more about Dino then we did. after going over the park for couple of hours we big good bye to Aman so we can meet him again.