Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mahithi the Star singer

So you think you can sing ??? wanna compete with me !!!! ... I'm into singing nowadays!!! Should say I'm a crowd puller ... I can sing and modulate my voice as per the mood and situation.

Iam learning to get the best out of western and carnatic. Will post my singing video soon.

Until then get ready for the challenge with next biggest singing star on the era...

Joey and Stair climbing.

I keep hearing people yapping about rock climbing ...Big Deal... what fun it is climbing something with all harness to protect..try stair climbing! it is adventurous as u don't have any gear which will protect you from getting toppled down and good exercise to build your six pack.

Then when I get bored climbing I run and which is so liberating should say... Wonder why they don't have baby 5k.. I guess i have start one to quench my thirst for activities like this. Hope to see more of these kind of fun stuff coming my way !!!

- Joey..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Cousins Visit

Our Cousins and my Laxmi Athai visited us. It was nice of them to take time and come all the way from Bangalore to just see us. We had tons of fun with Nethra and Akshra Akka(s). We learnt some nice old folklore from then which has been sang for generations to everyone when they were babies like us.

We 4 Sang along so well that when we used to sing it used to be synchronized.

American Idol here we come...