Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visit to Zoo

Heard lot about the animal kingdom from our folks, TV and book. Finally had a chance to have glimpse in Zoo.
it was awesome. went near alligators who were behind glass chilling in water. Then we saw majestic lions, Zebra , and lion.

We loved the Lemur island where there were free spirited monkeys. Monkeys are so lucky as their parents are soo nice; unlike ours who say no to running around and having fun ;)
then we went to Nemo land.. saw lots Nemo and their friends. Ammama Appa and Dad showed them all. We wanted to swin along with them..

Then Dad and appa took us to see snakes.. they were cool one day we will have them as our pets if mom does not freakout!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As some of you know it is second rakhi for me. Mahi tied nice rakhi; i still owe her a rakhi gift.

My cousin Amari visited mahi and I . We had a blast with her. She tied rakhi and later posted her custom rakhi.

It is awesome to have this festivals which puts me in spotlight and get a chance to wear pretty bands around my wrist.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Running away

This is Jovan and I am tired of all toys and boring adults. So I packed my bag, opened the door and started running out. I asked Mahi to join but she refused.

The day was pleasant; the outside world was welcoming me to come enjoy everything is has to get discovered. I was running as stealthy as possible so that i don't get caught. I started dreaming of amazing stuff i will see and people I will meet.

I was this close to succeed until my mom caught me. She was mad . She took me inside and threatened if I dare to do again something like I will be getting my time out. She promised if I'm good she take me to places i would enjoy.
Couldn't do much !!!Well for now I will listen to her BUT WILL VENTURE OUT IF SHE DOESN'T KEEP HER PROMISE.