Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mickey and His Friends in Austin

Last time Mickey came to our school and home. But this time he decided to visit Austin's Erwin Center so that he can not only meet us but also all the Austin kids who wish to see his friends and him.

Should say Mickey and his friends put up an awesome show. The highlight of the show was Mickey , Minnie and mermaid . Besides the show we had lots fun with dad; he took us around the auditorium, explained us when we were having problem following the show.

I guess mickey loves us as much as we do.. Now we know we will be meeting him again pretty soon !!! until then we will see him in disney channel, book and remember him through the beautiful memories of the time spent with mickey and his pal.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We are Celebrity.

It was Diwali already.

Celebrated the festival of lights by decorating our front porch with rangoli . Then we spent the evening bursting crackers and playing with Sparkles.

We continued our celebration after Diwali by participating on a cultural show organized by our Dad and his friends.

It was just amazing to watch audience getting awed by our performance. Once our performance was over we were greeted and were praised for our dazzling performance. That is the moment we realized we are a celebrity and have fans looking forward to our next sizzling performance.

This time our Choreographer was Sumi Aunty. She was awesome , just knew us and gave us the moves which will bring the best of us.

Just like our fans we are waiting for the next event to showcase our star talent

Friday, October 26, 2012

Our first ever Competion

We went to mum's office to celebrate Halloween and participated in the painting competion.

I , Mahithi won second prize ( isnt't it awesome ... psst...was feeling sorry for Jovan though as he couldn't get the aplause and attention I got .. hee hee) ;
I Jovan did not win but it was awesome as I got beautiful participation medal I can use. (Pssst : poor  Mahithi got just Badge which didn't look quite exciting to me. )

It is always fun going to mum's office and this time it was like cherry on  top as each of us got what we want,,

Mahithi...  being in the limelight,  fame ,attention and Jovan..Awesome participation medal to play.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mickey's home @ Anaheim

Are parents fulfilled their promise to take us to the Mickeys home. We were accompanied by our friends Abhiram and Arjun.

Mickey’s home is far away from ours so decided to fly on Sept.15th. The trip by itself was fun as in the flight we were able to play with Abhiram and Arjun while watching the view Austin and Mickeys home way up from the Sky.

Mickey’s home was amazing nothing like we have ever seen before. We not only met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto but also Rapunzel, Cinderella, Pinocchio, MC Quinn, bug and many more who show up in our favorite Disney Channel

Then enjoyed ride with mum and dad... on Sept 23rd which was the last day of our stay ,Mickey dazzled us with beautiful fireworks.

We bid farewell to mickey again and promised will be back soon!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

We Are Camper!!!

It was hot summer but being an Austinite that didn't stop us from going for a camping trip. We were accompanied our friends. The camping was filled with fulfilled activities such as driving bike, playing , and cooking on the campfire. Best part of camping was setting up our tent and decorating it with our favorite lamp and bed. As the dawn came we were asked to go to the tent, We felt weird as it was Hoot even after turning on the fan to the max.

To top that there was no TV :(.. but then we realized... how often we get to sleep in the nature listening to the sounds of nocturnal animal and friends sleeping in the neighboring tent. So we decided to forget small inconvenience as in return we were getting the experience of camping and spending time with our friends

Monday, June 18, 2012

We are Emler Swimmer

All summer mum dad took us to our stone canyon's cool pool to beat the Texas Heat. Even though it was fun to play in the water we so wished to swim by ourselves so that we spend more time in water even when mum dad are tired being in water.

After hearing our problem dad enrolled us in the Emler swimming class. it was fun to learn tricks in the water and spend more time in water by knowing how to swim and not to let the water get into our nose to give us annoying feeling.

Waiting for next summer when we will have the fun we wishes this year.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our 3rd Birthday

Friday before our Third birthday we went school to get the special spotlight treatment from our friends and teachers at our school.
Our happiness was magnified to 1000 times when Betty Aunty, Mum and dad visited us at school with our FAVORITE Mickey and Minnie.
We were over joyed. Mickey and Minnie not only helped us cut cake at our school but also came to our home before bidding us farewell.
Mum dad promised us that they will take us to Mickey and Minnie's home one day.. Looking forward to it.
Back in India Ayamma and Ayappa celebrated our birthday praying for us. ammama and appa celebrated our day by fulfilling wishes of our new found friends who are forced to live away from their loved ones.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Visit to Dallas and Turner Falls

We visited Dallas again. This time our Friend Santosh, Sanjay , Malar joined us. We stayed in a hotel and had fun running around the hotel and playing.

We then drew to Oklohoma to see Turner falls and play in the water.

Our parents this time became a spoil sport by not letting us play in the water; but promised that we will play in the pook in hotel. We were not very sure they will keep up their promise as they seemed tired when we returned from falls.

To our surprise they were re-energized and took us to the hotel pool.

Boy oh Boy it was fun and and had lots of swiming moments. We remembered the dolpihin we saw in Sea world and wished to be in our pool !!!

Our parents had one more surprise waiting for us.... They asked us to say bye to Santosh Sanjay. We thought the vacation is over and time to go home.. but we were wrong we stopped at Sanvi and Swecha's home

We had fun playing with them

then time came again when we had to say bye to our friends and drive back to our sweet home.
It was fun.. looking forward to more vacations

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Time: Strawberry Picking

Spring is here which means begining of fun filled strawberry picking season!!!

To Celebrate Spring we went to straw berry picking two weeks in a row. Week one we went with our parents to observe what are the fun things we have out there.

Week 2 we went with our friends Santosh and Sanjay and showed them around.. We did strawberry Picking and played in the farm

 It is soo much fun when friends are around. Lookin forward to more of these kind of visits,!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Last year Holi was fun to be surrounded by our cousins, and family back in India... Just when we were thinking how to celebrate Holi this year we got invitation from our cousin Amari.

 it was fun .... to play holi.. meet her friends and just enjoy the tradition we follow!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Visit from our Friends in Dallas

This weekend was amazing as our friends Sanvi and Swecha visited us. It was just amazing. as usual we had a blast playing with them and then we visited Childrens museaum

 It was so much fun in the museuam. Swecha and Sanvi taught to us to do lot of fun stuff before she went back to Dallas.

Looking forward to see them again.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visit to Safari in San Antonio

Our Parents now learned that we need to go out to fun place and have fun. This time they took us to Safari in San Antonio.

As Dad Drew through Safari we fed Deers, Zebra, Ostrich we came near our car. After While when we were tired Mum started feeding the Safari pals...

 after a while we felt little Jealous as Mum was getting too indulged feeding the animals then doing the usual of giving her undivided 100% attention towards us.We asked dad to leave safari and bid farewell to our freinds.


While on our way we saw monkeys, Fed Goats and saw beautuful Fish

Good Job Mom Dad.. for giving us a nice weekend.... We look forward to more in the coming Day!!! ;)