Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aayee is the word for the month of August!!!

As you all know we are having tons of fun with ammama and appa. We make sure ammama appa takes care of all our needs and yes do not slack in teaching our mom everything there is to know to take care of us well!!!

Amma, appa, mummy and daddy do address to our need as soon as we give a shout but we realized accidentally that if we shout "Aayeee" the response from them is much faster.

So when we need these 4 caretakers iimmediatly we yell Aayee and within fraction of seconds we see them come running to take care us

SWEETTTTTTTT isn't it!!! these four think they have figured us all... but don't know we are far smarter than them and can make them dance to our tunes he he heee!!!!

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