Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heavenly bed at westin river walk

We made our visit to San Antonio..finally for a change away from home!!!

The river view from Westin was awesome... Deepa periamma showed us bling bling from the window which was amazing...then we had a chance to lye down in heavenly bed it was sooooooo comfy and soft..

Anyways we were allowed to enjoy the bed just for couple of hours and later we made to sleep in our blanket... as Ammama said it is safer that way for us,

We stayed pretty much in the hotel and enjoyed game time with Dad watching football... Texas vs Kansas,, and our Texas won heehaa!!!!

while back home we made sure dad stops in between so that we can have our sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet potatoes...

Awaiting for more trips like these!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yummy food finally

And the day finally arrived when our folks realized we can take yummy stuff they call Solids, Wonder what made them wait for so long.

It was a occasions they celebrated by taking us to temple. Deepa periamma and Satya periamma along with Matvie came to celebrate the occasion

It was fun.. to play with Matvie.. Satya periamma gave some nice tips and taught some nice rhymes to Mum so she can follow to keep us happy..

We got tons of goodies and pamper from Deepa Periamma. she is fun... she gave us nice heavenly massage everyday.. she played with us and it was a very nice change for us...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deepa Perimma

Deepa Perimma came all the way from India to Visit just us.. that is sooo sweet of her.. Our family makes us relaize we are sooooo important for them. Periappa, Akil anna and Bala anna wanted to join as well but couldnt join because of their school and stuff.

It is fun to have Periamma around who keeps pampering us and does everything we ask her to.
wish she can stay with us forever

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Two three and Zip it...

This is Mahithi... My folks just don't get it !!! Im on diet.. hmm should say pretty good one..sucking my fingers which will not only quench my hunger but also keep in all slim..

They keep forcing me to take my food should say it is annoying.. (psst...can;t wait to start talking and then I can given them my piece of mind.. )

Sometimes I just forced to eat against my will..

Tried various avenues and then realized if I just zip my mouth very tight... there is no way anything can go inside without my approval :))

ha ha it is soooooo fun to see them loose battle with me... except for my Dad, Thinking of a way to win against him. I am sure I will find a way out..

Will write more in my next blog.. how the battle is going...