Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road Trip - Houston

The much awaited day came when we were taken to Houston for overnight stay.
The drive was for 3 hours.. it was pleasant and enjoyable to see the scenery outside. We didn't we cry.. we stayed overnight at our friends place-- Sukriti and Akshitha...

Unfortunately we couldn't meet them as they were still not back from their India trip. Anyways we had fun with Pitlam uncle.

We were taken for a ride around Hilcroft avenue...and then meenakshi temple. In the temple we worshiped and just hanged out around the premises to take snaps.

The trip overall was fun and Mum/Dad/Ammama handled us well when we needed a diaper change and hungry :)

Will post the trip snaps soon..


Friday, September 4, 2009

Niece from Boston

Hmm it is late then never right...we were waiting for our niece Nikki right from the time we were born.(heee we already have a niece isn't that cool)Nikki

. she came alas... we were kinda mad at her but when she explained she couldn't come any earlier as Archie akka and periamma took her for shaving her head in India. so we forgave her and had a wonderful time.. She also gave us tips on how to avoid the shaving head ceremony hee hee

periamma, akka and nikki spent time with us for couple of days and left. It was boring without Nikki for couple of days but we got used to it .Akka and mum promised that they will organize play dates for us and Nikki.

We look forward to it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The award for the best feeder goes to...

Hey this is Mahithi.. since Jovan wrote a blog by himself thought I will write one by my own as well. I'm very picky on what is fed and how I'm fed...
ammama, appa, mum and dad keep trying to feed me in different ways; but most of the time they end up annoying me and yes I make lots of fuss; after all why shouldn't it is my tummy I can't just take anything and anyways just because they want to turn me into a ball..

It reached a point where all 4 had a competition to figure out who can feed me well while keeping me happy...
... and winner was....believe me or not it was Daddy.

Dad spends less time (less than what I would like ) but he seems to know how to feed me well.

I guess this is what is meant by spending quality time.. anyways I hope dad realizes I need him to spend more time with me.. so I can play with him as well