Monday, June 22, 2009

From Kids of Mahen & Preethi


Today we Mahithi & Jovan are happy to announce our arrival into lives of our parents Mahen & Preethi !!!

Mommy & daddy are fine. Currently grandpa and grandma are keeping them busy by making them undergo boot camp to take care of us well !!!

Until we meet check our videos

1. Mahithi & Jovan

2. Mahithi

3. Jovan

See you soon

Mahithi Mahen Nadar
Jovan Mahen Nadar


  1. so cute ... and wonderful to finally see them! Love the videos ...

  2. wow! well done preethi mahen . these two are just perfect. so proud of u kutties. loads of huggs and kisses and may all the blessings be showered on your family.

  3. I am feeling very proud and happy .there are no sufficient words to express Preethi Mahen .WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PARENTHOOD .

  4. Congrats Preethi and Mahen! Wow twin at one go? Nice. Me and Fabien are expecting our first child this coming Christmas.

    Take care.

    Bee Ean

  5. Mahithi chithi and Jovan mama welcome to the beautiful and wonderful world .We three will be best friends and can have fun. I will come and meet you both soon.Preethi ammama and Mahen Appa congrats and thanks for giving birth to my cute friends.
    With lots huggs and kisses
    NIkitha Maharaj

  6. Hi Mahen, congratulations - two digital natives. Already have their own blog. Rgds, Flemming

  7. Congrats to Mahithi and Jovan. A bird and a warrior have very important qualities that will serve you well for the next 100 years. Many wishes to the both of you and your parents.

  8. Many Congratulations to you wished with lots of happiness. Mahithi and Jovan are truly beautiful names.

  9. sundar..
    congrats..very happy 2 c jovan and mahithi..they r cute & beautiful..videos are pleasent 2 c..eagerly waiting 2 c u and ur babies..come 2 india......gud Bye..

  10. I am very happy for you Mahen. Give our wishes to Preethi. Mahithi and Jovan are wonderful and cute. When are we to play with them? Visit India soon. Hope our children are friends too. Send more pic of Mahithi and Jovan to my e-mail

    -Balaji & Mahalakshmi