Friday, October 2, 2009

What a drag

September just breezed through and we are nearing 4 months!!! amazing isn't it. Thought we are all set to see the world but darn the flu fear has swept inside my parents .. as a result we are on house arrest... we were pretty annoyed but took it on our stride by doing other stuff to keep us occupied to name some.. we are talking and we know how to ask our folks to hold us, we are pretty close to rolling over..we are still working on it to get perfect we use our beautiful smile to get folks do our job... hmm but it didn;t help to convince them to take us out.

We love our tummy time and keep grandma grandpa busy and occupied with lots of stuff
we enjoyed our bath tub .. and did some tubing there.. hope fully by our next blog we will have some fun stuff to share

untill then chow!!!!

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