Monday, February 21, 2011

Visit to my Mama’s office!!!

So I went to see Suresh Mama (One of My mom’s Brother in India) at his work...
I didn't realize until I reached his work that he is a doctor. Since it was too late to revolt and stop from going to his office so I decided to follow my mom to his clinic.

I was wondering why I’m here when I can meet him at home moreover I had no need to see a doctors as I was pretty hail and healthy.

The moment my uncle saw me he greeted and had lots of chocolates placed right next to him. Seeing me he tried being extra nice... he realized i was scared and started telling he is going to pierce ear so I can try different earrings just like my mom. He promised this will be the last time anyone will ever pierce my ear… (I guess he knew I was ear pierced ones which was no good as I couldn’t wear earring/)

I liked the idea of wearing earrings like mom but not the pain I have to undergo with ear piercing sooooooo I started screaming my lungs out and flooded his clinic with tears. Before I knew he had pierced my ears. It didn't pain after all but I resorted to continue crying as he didn't handover all the chocolates which rightfully belonged to me.

After having the chocolate I bid good bye and promised him to see him home and yes promote him by telling everyone who pierced my ears to wear beautiful earring with pain.
I guess having Mama like mine I can have lots of gain with nooooo pain..... he heee heee


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