Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Cousin Nikki

It was nice to see Nikki Again visiting us. We had a blast; we fought, we played and ran around. Then we made a trip to pumpkin picking. We saw some pumpkin which we planned to take home but before that we petted sheep and went for a maze.
When it was time to go we tried to pick up our pumpkin but It was too heavy for three of us :(

Since we couldn;t pick it and our folks refused to help we decided to leave it until next year when we will be stronger and bigger.

Nikki taught us it is more fun to drink stuff in sippy glass than bottle we are used too.

also she taught us some stuff to deal with my Mom Dad when they don't listen.

We shared stories of fun stuff we did when Mathvie our other cousin visited us.

finally it was day to say bye to nikki as she wanted to go back to meet her friends at her school.

We let her go after taking a promise that she will come back to see us.
hope we see her soon.

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