Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Friday

Halloween already one us dressed up as Tigger and other one as Princess Cinderella ( who might have guess already who was tigger )

We looked pretty sweet and while enjoying the spotlight with photo sessions from ammama, appa and Dad.. received a call from mum inviting us to her office.

At first we were reluctant but she promised it will be fun.. so believed and went to office..

lo behold.. the her office was like candy store and toy house.. everyone were giving us candy and inviting us to play with toys.

Then we were invited to do a bird house. We both completed it with the help of appa. to add to out joy of hitting the hammer and nailing bird house we were awarded certificate of achievement for the same.

Now we truly doubt if mum goes to work or have fun... if is later better she takes us it is not fair to have all the fun.

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