Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Surprise Birthday Bash

This is Mahithi and Jovan's Mum.. wanted to surprise them with a surprise birthday party when they wake up.

I want to say... you both are very precious to me and I'm soo proud of everything you achieved; but above all I love the fact that you are caring and loving for your friends, community and the your family.

You just turned 8. but already you both are into,,, sports, arts, dance, community service, love for learning.. and the list goes on .. i can't wait to see exiting thing waiting your way as you welcome ur 8th year.

I bless and pray for both of my a very very long, healthy, happy and cheerful life..

as your mum .. I promise I will do everything within my capability to do everything to make ur dream come true.

love u both..

I know  this year .. you both planned your birthday.. but I wanted to throw u a surprise party.. .. 

for surprise.. birthday bash.. I have a special .. cake.. to symbolize your uniqueness .. 
 and ,,yess decorations.. and your.. favorittt..
 .. presents.....

1 comment:

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