Monday, November 14, 2016

We did it.. our first Chess trophy for our school..

We both love Chess.. yes .. the real reason we go to chess is to meet our friends and play.. guys chess touranament is not as boring as u think .. it is really fun.. as the game usually last for 5min to 45 min.. but we have like more than an hour of break between next chess round.. guess what we do.. practice chess..?? wrong ... we play .. play to our heart content.. and imagine.. having just five rounds and making us stay from 8am and 5pm.. do the math the amount fun time we have... those who think these tournaments are boring think again😊

we usually dont post our chess tournaments as we doo a lot and just don't have time to update them.. this however we had to..

this time however it was just not fun.. we actually won medal for our school.. and had opportunity to have pics with our principals.. it was super cool. waiting to do this again.. soon..

I jovan .. got a the trophy for my section ( this was my 3rd tournament.. yeah I got medal too in last one .. he he.. )
I mathithi- got medal for my section ( this was my first tournament)
us both and one of our awesome friend were able to get award for the school. isnt that cool.  :) here is our pic of our proud moment with our principal...

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