Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visit to Sea world


Periamma is fun to be around. Not only does she makes sure we are safe but also makes sure mum dad takes us to fun place.

of many places we went with Periamma the one we enjoyed the most is going to Sea World,

It was awesome... we saw dolphin, and sea Lion . We felt they are so lucky as they can be in water as much time as they want.We obervered how they swam. We wouldn't be able to be in water as much as they do but One we day will will swim like them and have fun in water.

But for now we we indulged ourselves in the splash area. Once we were done.

after fun time at splash area we went to see Elmo movie.. Since the room was dark and there were rules to sit in one place we didn't like ; we asked periamma and are our parents to take us for stroll.

while going for stroll in sea world we took some snaps with perimma. After taking photos we bid good bye to sea world and our dad drew us back to home sweet home.

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