Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Plane Trip

Hmm all of a sudden ammama appa mummy were packing bags.. we were excited as we love going out.. We started later that day.

We stayed in our favorite Sheraton.. had fun ... running around ..then visited NASA.. After the visit we thought dad was heading to home but NO>>>>

we ended up in Airport(that's what folks called... not sure what it was)
The all of a sudden dad bid good bye and left.. We were confused.. Anyways just be in safer side we kept ammama , appa and mummy in our close vicinity.. (we didn't them to leave as well...) then after waiting in a big room for a while were asked to board.... Didn't know what board meant until we started moving into a passage and then into small room with tons of seats.... mum said that is plane..

Dunno what plane means to adults. For us it was an awful place, where we sat hour together.. wondering why do we have to be here when we have home with big bright hall...

When we asked mom we want to go bye bye.. Mom said we are already out bye bying.

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