Saturday, December 25, 2010

We are in nice list again!!!

So last year if you remember we were in nice list and Santa came to our home as we were too little. .(psst..wonder why last year Santa looked like our grandpa..)

This year well were are grownup and wanted to party. So we asked santa to host one so we can meet and at the same time have fun being out. Mum dad said if we are in nice list again our wish will be fulfilled.

I guess we were in nice list ....We got invitation from santa ...

As we entered the party we were welcomed with beautiful greeting cards. There were some christmas carol and dance. ... offcourse not to forget yummy yummy donuts holes. Last but not the least got chance to meet Santa (hmm wonder why looked different this time???)...

After the party was over we Mahi danced for a while and after which we went home and played with gifts santa gave us.

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