Monday, September 27, 2010

FUN around the corner - Brushy creek Hairyman Festival

We went to hairy festival with our folks it was fun. Dad took us for a train ride in train. We saw how the fuel was filled in the train. It was fun.

while on train ride we danced for the song sung by local talent. We are planning to have our own concert pretty soon.

then Appa found petting Zoo. he took us there and wanted us to pet pigggy, quack quack ducky; but mommy daddy stopped us from touching the, We were pretty mad at our primitive parents who are such a spoil sport.

But later Ammama explained we have to get bigger to touch this animals else there are chances we might get sick.. which is not good as we wouldn't able to play.

We completed our trip after getting a cartoon drawn for us. We will be posting our cartoon us. Should say we look pretty cool

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