Sunday, August 1, 2010

Running away

This is Jovan and I am tired of all toys and boring adults. So I packed my bag, opened the door and started running out. I asked Mahi to join but she refused.

The day was pleasant; the outside world was welcoming me to come enjoy everything is has to get discovered. I was running as stealthy as possible so that i don't get caught. I started dreaming of amazing stuff i will see and people I will meet.

I was this close to succeed until my mom caught me. She was mad . She took me inside and threatened if I dare to do again something like I will be getting my time out. She promised if I'm good she take me to places i would enjoy.
Couldn't do much !!!Well for now I will listen to her BUT WILL VENTURE OUT IF SHE DOESN'T KEEP HER PROMISE.


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